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Ethero.Net - Ethereum Investment Platform!

Dear miners,

You wanted and today we opened https://Ethero.Net Ethereum Investment Platform! has same earning rates with BitcoMine.Net!

-Instant Ethereum Payments for all members!
-Low minimum payout (0.02 ETH)!
-Earn daily 0.0010 up to 0.0044 ETH for each of your Miner's minerals!
-Buy a DIAMOND MINER and start to earn extra up to 4.41 ETH in a month!
-Just rent Miner instead of hundreds of rental referrals, collect coal, silver, bronze and gold everyday and start to get FIXED INCOME!
-Rent up to 20 Miners and increase your income!
-Get up to %200 click bonus from your upgraded members!
-Get up to %10 commission from your referrals' upgrades!
-Earn up to 5.000 ETH in a Referral Contests!
-Immortal Ethereum Investment Playform with Advanced Payment System
-Get up to %50 profit with a Diamond Miner monthly!
-Jewelery Store is available for big investors! Invest big, earn big with your Jewelers!

Have a nice earnings for all members!
27 September 2017 18:22:19
Altın Member
Cashout: 4 times
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